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Red Dead Online Community – Year In Review 2020

News - Red Dead Redemption · · by Magnar

2020 was an interesting year for the Red Dead Online Community. After a strong 2019, with RDO leaving beta, the launch of Frontier Pursuits & Moonshiners, we all expected 2020 to be a huge year for the game, however that never really materialised.

Still, there were plenty of amazing, community-led moments throughout the year that we think are worth highlighting.

Highlights from 2020:

“Clown Movement”

After almost 7 months of almost no communication about the state of Red Dead Online from Rockstar, the community took matters into their own hands and we created the “clown movement”, which was dressing up as clowns to show that we’re all the stupid ones for still playing a game that Rockstar had clearly been neglecting.

We were featured on Polygon, PCGamer, PCGamesN and more for our antics. I (Magnar) did a longer write up about how it all started over on GTABase.

Content creator Zumie Fiasco also captured a few moments from the events we hosted over on our Discord server.

OnlyPVPCat fills up a full lobby with clowns!

“The Curse of the Bald Man”

After a seemingly small patch in August, Red Dead Online was completely broken on console. Players often say “literally unplayable” when there’s a minor inconvenience in games they play, but for Red Dead Online, this was true!

Over on reddit, we had thousands of bugs & glitches reported every day and on twitter, the community seemed to take delight in sharing clips of their misfortune.

An “honest” weekly update from Dirty Tyler showing some of the ridiculous issues in the game.
A compilation of the bugs & issues in the game from /r/RedDeadOnline created by
Rockstar Guides.

The strangest part of all of this was them mysterious bald man who appeared & seemingly cursed players in game.

Nobody knows why this immortal stranger appeared, but he was everywhere!

“Most stylish people in the west”

In 2020, we also saw a surge in players getting involved with the Red Dead Fashion community on Reddit and our Discord server.

Here are a few of our favourites from last years fashion contests.

Other notable moments:

Community Contributors

During the low-points of 2020, with a stagnant game & everything else going on in the world, a ton of amazing community members stepped up and helped to keep people entertained, we just want to give a quick shout out to a few of them!

There are probably so many others who deserve recognition, so if you’re not included I’m sorry! I’ll (Magnar) will probably add onto this list over time.

Community Info-graphic:

Here’s a quick breakdown of some of our communities stats from 2020.


  • Discord community passed 40k members
  • /r/RedDeadOnline passed 250k members
  • /r/RedDeadFashion passed 100k members
  • @RedDeadRDC twitter passed 20k members

As you can see above, it takes a lot of people (and we’ve probably missed off so many) to make a community work, so thanks once again to all of the contributors & members of the Red Dead Online communities across all platforms, I can’t wait to see what we all do in 2021!


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