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Winter Fashion Contest Winners

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Our Contest theme for November was Winter is Coming, hot (or cold) on the heels of that, December arrived and with it came the snow in Red Dead Online. It felt only appropriate that our December contest theme be based on snow, winter and the holidays!

As always, the community jumped at the chance to dress up and we received hundreds of entries on our Discord server, the winners and runners-up are below!

December Winners

Our three Winners for December are OhItsStefan, Dwitbrod & Lunamorosa who perfectly captured that Winter feel in Saint Denis and out in the wild.

December Runners-Up

As always there are many entries that may not have won, but were pretty close and deserve a mention all the same.

Next Contest?

Our next Red Dead Fashion contest will begin in February, as always we’ll share details on Twitter, Discord & Reddit if you want to stay up to date!

You can also check out our previous contest winners if you’re looking for some outfit inspiration:


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