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Why Red Dead Online players are having a funeral

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Red Dead Online Funeral
Red Dead Online Funeral – @Rockstar Guides

Less than 4 years after release, Rockstar Games confirmed that their newest title, Red Dead Online, will no longer receive major updates as focus shifts to the next instalment of Grand Theft Auto, leading players to hold a funeral for Red Dead Online. It’s important to note this shift in focus won’t impact GTA Online however, which will continue to receive content updates, the next of which is rumoured to release on July 19th.

Although disappointing, this news isn’t a great surprise to fans who’ve felt that support for Red Dead Online was already on the decline, especially since the controversial Daily Challenge nerf and disappointing Blood Money update which released on July 13th last year. In the weeks before Rockstar’s confirmation about the future of Red Dead Online (or lack thereof), the community had been planning to host a funeral to mark the one year anniversary of Blood Money’s release, as there hadn’t been any updates since and it didn’t seem like one was on the horizon. The announcement from Rockstar served as the final nail in the coffin (sorry) for many players.

The #RedDeadFuneral hashtag gained traction in the days since, and today, on the proposed funeral day and one year anniversary of the final update, the hashtag has been trending on Twitter.

Thousands of players across Twitter, Reddit, Discord and beyond have been grouping up with players and pouring one out for the game they love, or paying their respects alone in quiet contemplation. Surprisingly, Roger Clark who plays Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2 shared a message with the community.

Although it’s unlikely to have any impact on the decision Rockstar has made regarding its future, some players do remain hopeful that updates may come after GTA 6 is released. Still, many players will continue to play Red Dead Online and many have even spoke about moving onto RedM roleplaying servers, where players are free to create their own stories, game modes and adventures.

If you haven’t already, you can join the community as they continue to mourn & celebrate Red Dead Online, full details of how to do that can be found below!


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