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This week in Red Dead Online: 11 May

Weekly Updates · · by Ben

This week in Red Dead Online provides some exciting Trader role bonuses and discounts for the Wildness Outfitters and much more, so let’s dive in!

Trader Role

Image: Rockstar Games

You can make some serious money-making with this week’s deal to the Trader role, anyone who completes all trader sales throughout this week will earn twice the original payout, thus making $1,250 for each of the large deliveries with maximum trader goods.

If you’re new to the Trader role, not to worry the butcher table is on sale this week, which is required to start the role, it’s available for 10 Gold Bars within the Wildnewss Outfitters in your camp. Be sure to snag the Trader Hunting Wagon as it’s also 40% off.

Free Treasure Map Bonus

If you fancy buying some pamphlets at the Fence this week, Rockstar has stated it will reward players with a free treasure map, per the Rockstar Newswire. You should expect your treasure map to become available in your inventory within up to 24-72 hours after acquiring one.


This week’s discounts for Red Dead Online all summed up!

Wildness Outfitters

  • Butcher Table (Trader Role) – 10 Gold Bars
  • All camp themes – 40% off
  • All tents – 40% off
  • Deluxe Camp Fire – 30% off

Trader Role

Hunting Wagon – 40% off


  • Kladruber Horses – 40% off

Red Dead Online Joins Xbox Game Pass!

Red Dead Online News
Image: Rockstar Games

Earlier last week Microsoft announced the company is bringing Red Dead Online to Xbox’s Game Pass subscription service for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S platforms, although it won’t be available for PC. If you’re new to the game looking for tips and tricks, be sure to visit our pages on the roles and the rest of the website.

Red Dead Online for Xbox Game Pass will be available to play on May 13, the game will also be joining be the Xbox Cloud app for Android and iOS devices so you play Red Dead Online anywhere you want.

Thanks for tuning in! As always be sure to keep up to date with the latest Red Dead Online news over at our Twitter page and subreddit forum.


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