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This week in Red Dead Online: Mar 2nd

Weekly Updates · · by Magnar

Credit: BlackJacks

This week’s Red Dead Online update

This week’s Red Dead Online update is all about Collectors, with a discount on the role and for different collector items. There is also a handy Collector Map that shows the locations of all collectibles!

There are also just under 2 weeks until Outlaw Pass 4 ends, you can see what’s coming in Outlaw Pass 5 here.

There are no new Telegram Missions just yet, however new missions are coming soon for Boat Theft & Posse’s.

Note: We’ll update with any additional details when the Rockstar Newswire releases.

Weekly Bonuses

  • 50% XP and RDO $$ on Salvage Free roam Events
  • Free Fast Travel

Weekly Discounts

  • 40% off Pennington Shovel
  • 40% off Metal Detector
  • 33% off Collector Role
  • 30% off Boots & Vests
  • 30% off Criollo Horses
  • 30% off Weapon/Ammo Pamphlets

Limited-Time Clothing

  • Cossack Hat
  • Boutell Hat
  • Macbay Jacket
  • Winter Shotgun Coat
  • Morales Vest
  • Darned Stockings
  • Calhoun Boots
  • Shaffer Chaps
  • Furred Gloves

Weekly Collection

This week Collectors are looking for the Deep Blue Collection. You’ll earn $95 for turning the set into Madam Nazar.

  • Tully Monster Fossil
  • Cephalopod Fossil
  • Rock Bass

Community Highlights

A look at the Outlaw Pass 5 items in-game

As always, be sure to get involved with the Red Dead Online community on RedditDiscord and Twitter and thanks to @RDOCompendium for providing us with details for this weeks update!

If there’s something you think we should share next week, then leave a comment or tag us @RedDeadRDC on Twitter!


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