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This week in Red Dead Online: January 26th

Weekly Updates · · by Magnar

This week in Red Dead Online, there are discounts for bows, garments, pamphlets & more. However, there doesn’t appear to be any bonuses for cash or gold at the moment!

Weekly Bonuses

  • Players will receive 3 collectibles for crafting at Campfire.
  • Players who craft an item with Gus will receive a free hat (below lvl 15) and 50% off boots.
  • Players will be rewarded with a Treasure Map for purchasing any pamphlet.

Weekly Discounts

  • 30% off Moonshiner & Naturalist Pamphlets
  • 30% off fishing rods
  • 40% off bows
  • 40% off fence pamphlets
  • 40% off garment sets
  • 50% off bait

Madam Nazar will also be asking you to find the Hairdressers collection this week, which contains three items that can be traded in for $70

  • Rosewood Hairbrush
  • Ivory Comb
  • Ebony Hairpin

Thanks to our subreddit, OnlyPVPCat & Dirty Tyler for the info above!

Community Discussion

Last week we asked the community their thoughts about the roles in Red Dead Online. Opinions were mixed for all roles, but whether that’s down to some roles being old or just plain boring, it’s hard to say.

Later in the week we’ll share a deeper dive into how the community feels about the 5 existing roles and what can maybe be done to improve them.

Community Highlights

Last week saw Bernie taking a trip across the frontier, a historian discussing RDR2 & more! Below are our picks for last weeks community highlights.

VideoTech also shared details about changes made to lobbies in Red Dead Online, which puts players into solo sessions if said player has a poor internet connection.

OnlyPVPCat had Man vs History as a guest on his weekly Red Dead Online podcast!
Rockstar Guides shared a video showing the different habits & behaviours of animal in RDR2

As always, be sure to get involved with the Red Dead Online community on RedditDiscord and Twitter.

If there’s something you think we should share next week, then leave a comment or tag us @RedDeadRDC on Twitter!


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