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This week in Red Dead Online: Feb 9th

Weekly Updates · · by Magnar

Credit: BlackJacks_

This week’s Red Dead Online update.

This week in Red Dead Online, there are discounts on appearance changes, outfits & more, with the featured PVP series offering triple RDO$$ and Gold. Rockstar have also brought more limited-time clothing back to the game.

If you’ve not played in a while, Rockstar are also giving players who play between now & Feb 15th a special care package. However, players are reporting that they’ve not received their gifts within 72 hours, so hopefully, Rockstar Support will share an update soon.

Over the past week, we’ve also shared some of the best Harriet fanart, along with community servings of Pearson’s stew. There is also just over 10 days to enter February’s fashion contest, so get to it!

Weekly Bonuses

  • Triple RDO$$ and Gold on Featured PVP Series
  • 50% extra payout on Freeroam Bounty Missions
  • Transforming into a Buck or Rabbit will earn you a free coat
  • Play this week to earn five chocolate bars, five brandies & a gold jointed bracelet

Weekly Discounts

  • 50% discount at the Barber
  • 40% discount on all Outfits
  • 40% discount on all Shotguns
  • 40% discount on the Improved Bow
  • 30% discounts on Naturalist Tonics
  • 25% discount on Bolas
  • Free Fast Travel

Limited-Time Clothing

This week sees more limited-time clothing return for male & female characters:

  • Clymene Coat, Irwin Coats, Chambliss Corset
  • Gardenia Hat, Fanned Stovepipe Hat
  • Salter Shoes, Bowyer Boots
  • Tied Pants, Darned Stockings, Griffith Chaps, Hitched Skirt
  • The Tasman Outfit, The Danube Outfit

Weekly Collection

Madam Nazar has tasked collectors with finding the Hunters Collection, worth $75.

  • Chocolate Daisy
  • Yates Diamond Ring
  • Two of Cups Tarot Card

Community Highlights

Our community highlights for last week show off the creativity in the Red Dead Online community, with unique outfits, fanart & update concepts.

A stunning take on Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village
Yangy shared another concept for minigames that should be added to Red Dead Online over at GTABase
All you had to do was follow the damn stage coach!

Credit: aatsipoppaa98 – /r/RedDeadOnline
Credit: SanjaYazavacc – /r/RedDeadOnline
A comparison of the Bolt Action vs Springfield Rifle by Dirty Tyler

As always, be sure to get involved with the Red Dead Online community on RedditDiscord and Twitter.

If there’s something you think we should share next week, then leave a comment or tag us @RedDeadRDC on Twitter!


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