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This week in Red Dead Online: Feb 16th

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This week’s Red Dead Online update

Rockstar has added Telegram missions to Red Dead Online, put a discount on horses, brought some more limited-time clothing back and more!

For those who missed it, The Housebuilding EP released a few days ago and you have a few more days to enter our Fashion Contest for February!

Telegram Missions

Rockstar has added Telegram Missions to Red Dead Online, a new way to earn RDO $$ and Gold in solo lobbies. Full details here.

Weekly Bonuses

  • 2x Payout on Naturalist Freeroam Events
  • Complete a Legendary Sighting Mission for 40% off an Established or Distinguished Naturalist Item
  • 40% off any Repeater for Naturalists above level 10
  • 40% off any Poncho for completing any Bounty

Weekly Discounts

  • 40% off Naturalist Role & Wilderness Camp
  • 30% off Advanced Camera
  • 30% off Mustang & Missouri Fox Trotter Horses
  • 30% off Gus Garments & Trinkets

Limited-Time Clothing

  • Gator Hat
  • Plaid Cap
  • Raccoon Hat
  • Stovepipe Top Hat
  • Patterned Bandana
  • Prieto Poncho
  • Eberhart Coat
  • Strickland Boots
  • Pelt Half Chaps

Weekly Collection

This week Collectors are looking for the Trophy Collection, by hunting Legendary Animals. You’ll earn $75 for turning the set into Madam Nazar.

  • Legendary Bison Horn
  • Legendary Boar Tusk
  • Legendary Moose Antler

Community Highlights

Here’s our pick of Community Highlights from last week!

Community Member ericof was featured by Rockstar!
RaigeGames shared a comparison of the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue, to the Sears catalogue from 1908! Full article about this coming soon!
Harms-Way picking on poor Mr. Cripps
Bloodlust had an amazing piece of work commissioned!

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