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The next Red Dead Online update could be delayed.

News - Red Dead Redemption · · by Magnar

In what could be a massive blow to fans, it looks like the next updates for Red Dead Online and GTA Online could be delayed, as Rockstar seek to remedy their GTA Trilogy woes by allocating more resources to the project.

This comes from Tez2, a reliable Rockstar insider, who explained that there is a fair chance of an update delay happening, as more resource is being sent to the GTA Trilogy.

Over the past few years, both games have been on a somewhat predictable update schedule, receiving updates in Summer and Winter each year. For Red Dead Online, this was Moonshiners in 2019 and the Prestigious Bounty Hunter expansion in 2020 and for GTA Online, this was the Diamond Casino Heist in 2019 and the Cayo Perico Heist in 2020. Making any delay for their Winter updates somewhat of an unprecedented move.

With the recent GTA Trilogy launch not going to plan, it makes sense that Rockstar would do what they can to get the title up to their usual high standards. Since launch, players have experienced a range of issues, from weird sound effects, random textures appearing, low quality models and not to mention many game breaking bugs, leaving players frustrated with what was sold to be the Definitive Edition of the three beloved titles.

Additionally, during launch day, the game was disabled for PC players and taken down from the Rockstar store, as it was found the games contained unlicensed music, internal developer notes and the controversial Hot Coffee mode.

These issues culminated in Rockstar apologising to players for what they described as unexpected technical issues that have impacted the games.

Rockstar themselves haven’t yet released a statement or responded to requests for comment on any potential delays, however, with December only a week away they’ll likely have to confirm one way or the other in the coming days.

We’ll keep you updated if there are any updates from Rockstar, and you can stay in the loop by following us at @RedDeadRDC and @GTAOnlineRDC


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