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Telegram Missions added to Red Dead Online

News - Red Dead Redemption · · by Magnar

Telegram Missions are now available

Today Rockstar Games enabled Telegram missions in Red Dead Online, allowing solo players the opportunity to earn RDO $$ and Gold without being interrupted by other players.

Rockstar promised last week that more Solo Opportunities would be coming, but I don’t think players expected them so soon!

How to access Telegram Missions

First, you need to head to the Post Office or your Camp Lockbox as you’ll have been sent a letter for new employment opportunities, once collected, you then need to access the letter via your Satchel to see the Telegram missions you have available.

First Batch of Telegram Missions

There are 3 Telegram Missions currently available. Upon completion, there is a 20 minute cooldown and the mission difficulty will increase the next time you play.

Outrider Telegram Mission

The Outrider Telegram Mission is simple, you’re tasked with delivering a wagon to Armadillo, fending off would be robbers along the way. Keep your weapons clean & ready.

A One Horse Deal Telegram Mission

The Horse Deal Telegram Mission requires you to scout out Emerald Ranch, looking for a White Arabian horse. Stealth is a good approach for this one.

Rich Pickings Telegram Mission

The Rich Pickings Telegram Mission has you sneak into the Mayors Mansion to steal some gems.

Future Telegram Missions

Similar to the Legendary Bounties and Legendary Animals, we’re sure Rockstar will expand upon Telegram Missions adding more in the coming weeks, we’ll keep you updated over at @RedDeadRDC


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