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Rumours circulating of a Red Dead Redemption remaster, coming in 2022

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Red Dead Redemption Remaster
Red Dead Redemption – Image: Rockstar Games

Red Dead Redemption remaster rumours return!

In what seems to be a monthly occurrence, rumours have once again started to circulate that Red Dead Redemption will be receiving a makeover, with a remastered edition rumoured to be released in 2022.

Red Dead Redemption had its 10th anniversary last year with Rockstar taking to the newswire to share some community tributes, yet the game remains trapped on the Xbox 360 and PS3, only playable on the newer Xbox consoles via backwards compatibility.

Rumour in more detail

The alleged remaster will be released on Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 and PC. With enhancements far beyond what is typically expected in a remastered game:

  • Spring release in 2022
  • Using RDR2 Map, gunplay, etc
  • Story alterations to reference Arthur Morgan
  • Native 4k
  • HDR, Raytraced Shadows & Reflections
  • 30FPS Fidelity Mode, 60FPS Performance Mode
  • All DLC included
  • No online component

You can read the full reddit thread about the rumours here.

Undead Nightmare, an expansion for Red Dead Redemption

Take this all with a massive grain of salt!

It makes sense that if Red Dead Redemption were to be remastered, they’d try to include Arthur in the story for continuity purposes and it also makes sense that it would come in 2022, as the enhanced GTA Online is releasing later this year.

Yet it seems a tall order for Rockstar, even with their many studios to have a fully remastered Red Dead Redemption ready just over 3 years after the release of Red Dead Redemption 2. During those 3 years, they’ve released the biggest ever update for GTA Online, they’ve been working on the enhanced version of GTA Online releasing this year, as well as several Red Dead Online updates.

A remastered Red Dead Redemption is no small task, with the RDR2 map itself needing to be updated to include Mexico, along with numerous interiors used in RDR that were never included in RDR2 along with all of the character models that’d require ageing & changing. It’s not impossible, yet unless development started before Red Dead Redemption 2 was released, I find it unlikely.

Image: Rockstar Games

All things considered, I think fans of Red Dead Redemption shouldn’t get their hopes up until an announcement comes from Rockstar themselves, or at the very least a more reputable insider connected to Rockstar Games.

That said, Rockstar have confirmed an update coming to Red Dead Online focusing on solo play and you may want to checkout some of the communities best fanart of Harriet Davenport!

Let us know if you think we’ll be getting a remaster over on Twitter, @RedDeadRDC


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