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Red Dead Online Update: Daily Challenge Rewards & More.

Weekly Updates · · by Magnar

The Red Dead Online Update for June 16th brings in rewards for completing daily challenges, collector, camp & weapon discounts and more.

Weekly Discounts

  • 50% off tier 3 ability cards
  • 40% off camp tents, themes, dogs, flags & fast travel posts.
  • 35% off all pistols
  • 30% off all Madam Nazar items
  • Collector bag now only 10 gold

Daily Challenge Rewards

Players who complete daily challenges this week will be rewarded:

  • Complete 3 daily challenges & receive 10 poison arrows
  • Complete 6 daily challenges & receive 4 collectible coins
  • Complete 10 daily challenges & receive a treasure map.

Rewards will arrive in your lockbox or at a post office within 48 hours of completion.

Madam Nazar Weekly Collection

This week Madam Nazar has collectors looking for the Night Watch Collection, which contains the following collectibles:

  • Pilgrim Moonstone Ring
  • Wisteria
  • Hawk Egg

You can use the Online Collectors map to easily locate these items everyday!

Rockstar addresses racism issue in online.

Rockstar have also addressed the issue we highlighted earlier in the week where modders were spawning KKK NPC’s to harass players.

Midway through June 2020, though, Rockstar issued a patch that addressed at least part of this issue. According to data miner Tez2, Red Dead Online no longer allows you to spawn KKK NPCs as it did before.

A Rockstar representative confirmed to Polygon that the game no longer allows for this racist cheat, but did not offer any additional comment in time for publication.


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