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Red Dead Online Update: Small Patch, Horse Discounts & More.

Weekly Updates · · by Magnar

The Red Dead Online Update for June 9th features a small patch with bonuses on horse races, discounts on the Arabian horse & 40% off saddles.

Weekly Discounts

This week, the Arabian is discounted:

  • Black Arabian is 29 gold bars from 42
  • White Araiban is $595 from $850
  • Red Chestnut is $175 from $250

Additionally, all saddles are 40% off and all horse provisions are free. So we recommend you stock up with the max amount whilst you can!

Weekly Bonuses

This week, there is an XP & Gold bonus on the featured series as well as the racing series.

Weekly Collection

This week Madam Nazar has you hunting down the Hairdressers Set, which consits of the following collectibles:

  • Rosewood Hairbrush
  • Ivory Comb
  • Ebony Hairpin

Sending this to Madam Nazar will earn you $70

Red Dead Online Update Patch

There is a small patch available now, we’ll provide details & patch notes as soon as they’re released

  • 1.3GB Patch on Rockstar Launcher & Epic Games
  • 189MB Patch on Steam

– Fixed a crash that could occur when launching the game on certain hardware configurations
– Fixed a crash that could occur when switching between output devices on system configurations with multiple graphics cards
– Fixed an issue that prevented the game from launching on some system configurations that used a dedicated AMD graphics card alongside an unsupported Intel integrated graphics device
– Fixed an issue that prevented the game from launching on some low-end system configurations when using DirectX 12
– Fixed an issue with a memory leak when using DirectX 12, leading to increased RAM usage and potential crashes during extended game sessions
– Fixed several random crashes that occurred during gameplay in Story Mode and Red Dead Online

As of yet there are no details on the next update, however keep an eye on our news feed as well as Twitter @RedDeadRDC for any updates.


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