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Red Dead Online update coming July 28th!

News - Red Dead Redemption · · by Magnar

Rockstar Games have today announced that the next expansion to Red Dead Online will be arriving on July 28th!

What will the new Red Dead Online update contain?

So far Rockstar have been quite close lipped, however they have revealed that there will be at least one new role, a new Outlaw Pass along with a number of community requested features & bug fixes.

We’re hoping these fixes will address the hundreds of bugs currently plaguing the game!

Coming later this year…

Rockstar also revealed that later in 2020, there will be a further update that includes augmentations to an existing role.

This could be the rumoured Photography role Rockstar spoke about last year, however we’ll need to wait for more details in the future!

That’s all the details Rockstar have provided for now, however, we’ll continue to update you all with any developments here and on our community Twitter account @RedDeadRDC!


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