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Red Dead Online: September Photo Contest

Photo Contests · · by Magnar

Image Credit: Blackjack

It has been a while since our last Red Dead Online photo contest, instead we’ve been challenging players show their style in a series of Fashion Contests. Ranging from the spooktacular to the festive, players have shared their best fits and strutted their stuff across the frontier, so it’s time for a new challenge!

Photo contests are finally returning and will hopefully be a regular occurrence! We’ll aim to alternate between photo & fashion contests in the months ahead.

Contest Theme

Our theme for September is Fall/Autumn, as the season is about to change, take some pics from the world, be it of nature, the environment or anything else that you feel fits.

Contest Details

  • You can enter on our Discord server.
  • Photos can be taken in single player or online and photo mode can be used.
  • You shouldn’t edit your photo outside of the basics such as cropping. Any filters should be from RDR2 rather than a 3rd party app.
  • You have until September 26th to submit your entries.

We can’t wait to see what you all come up with! Be sure to keep an eye on our Twitter and Discord as we’ll be sharing entries throughout the month!


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