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Red Dead Online: Outlaw Pass 5

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Back in December, dataminers in the Red Dead Online community discovered that the contents of Outlaw Pass 5 were already in the game.

Thanks to RDO Compendium, we can now share with you full details of the regular & VIP items in Outlaw Pass 5 including some pics.

Below you’ll find a table containing all rewards and near the bottom pics of the new clothing, buckles, emotes & more!

When is Outlaw Pass 5 out?

Outlaw Pass 5 released on March 16th and will be available until May 31st.

How much will Outlaw Pass 5 cost?

Outlaw Pass 5 will cost 35 Gold Bars.

What’s notable with this Outlaw Pass is once again you don’t reclaim all of your gold upon completion, as the pass costs 35 gold and you only recoup 25.

Red Dead Online Outlaw Pass 5 Rewards

LevelFree RewardPremium Reward
1Faucheux Gloves25% Role XP Boost
2Phew Emote
3Ability Card Upgrade
4Collectors Bundle3 Gold Bars
5Ammo Pouch Upgrade – Varmint Rifle
Varmint Rifle Ammo Pouch Pamphlet
6Health Tonic Filter
7$50 RDO Cash25 Trader Goods
8Mansion Stairway Backdrop
10Mash RefillFauxheux Boots
11Pike’s Basin Photograph
12$50 RDO Cash
13Cloth Wrap – RussetCollectors Bundle
153 Gold bars
16Game Fail Filter
17Longarm Metal Change
18Weapon Wheel FilterGinger Polka Dot Wrap
19Ammo Bundle
2030% Role XP Boost
Softpaw Buckle
21Select Boots
22$50 RDO CashParlour Backdrop
23Amazed Emote
245 Legendary Animal Pheromones
25Faucheux Pants
2625 Trader Goods
28Fake BeardDishonorable Filter
29Collector Bundle
303 Gold Bars
31Select Bounty Hunter Role Items
32Bull Moose Photograph
33Ammo BundleCloth Wrap – Saffron
34Food Bundle
35Listen Emote
36200 Sedative Varmint Cartridges
38Collector Bundle
39Food BundleFacepalm Emote
40Jewel Wilderness Wrap
Greysnout Buckle
41Longarm Metal Change
42Two-Strip Filter
44Cloth Wrap – NaturalMash Refill
45Faucheux Hat
485 Legendary Animal Pheromones
50Ammo Bundle40% Role XP Boost
52Select Ponchos
53Lake Background
54Herb Bundle
553 Gold Bars
56Ability CardAbility Card Upgrade
57Nursteed Hat
58Potent Herbivore Bait
Potent Predator Bait
60Ammo Pouch Upgrade – Repeater
Wetnose Buckle
61Wag Finger Emote
623 Gold Bars
63Battlefield FilterOregano Big Game
Special Miracle Tonic
66Ability Card Upgrade
673 Gold Bars
68Throwable Weapon BundleWestern Filter
69Ammo Pouch Upgrade – Revolver
Revolver Ammo Pouch Pamphlet
70Faucheux Shirt
Faucheux Vest
71Herb Bundle
73Select VestsFinger Slinger Emote
74Aguado Jacket
753 Gold Bars
76Treasure Map – Burned Town
77Ammo Pouch Upgrade – Bow
Arrow Pouch Pamphlet
78Thyme Big Game
Special Miracle Tonic
Portbridge Vest
79Cobalt Tartan Wrap
Trimclaw Buckle
80Fiddlehead EmoteThe Faucheux
Faucheux Coat
4 Gold Bars




Other Items:

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