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Red Dead Online holiday themed daily challenges

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With millions celebrating thanksgiving and preparing for Black Friday, Rockstar have also got into the spirit of things with some holiday themed Daily Challenges for Red Dead Online.

It’s not uncommon for Rockstar to get put their own spin on holiday celebrations, such as Valentine’s Day earlier this year and true to form, this week they’ve had players hunting turkeys to celebrate thanksgiving and today on Black Friday, they want players to visit all the stores in game!

Below you can see the full challenges Rockstar have set for players today.

Although this weeks Daily Challenges are a fun nod to the holidays, players are still left frustrated with changes made to the system, implemented last year. As the reward for completing challenges was greatly reduced, and the incentive to complete them daily, taken away with the removal of streaks longer than 28 days.

There is also speculation that the next Red Dead Online update will be delayed, due to Rockstars on-going efforts to salvage the struggling GTA Trilogy, adding salt to the wounds of players looking forward to the next Red Dead Online update.

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