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Red Dead Online: Halloween Pass 2

News - Red Dead Redemption · · by Magnar

Credit: @RockstarGuides

Halloween Pass 2 has finally released in Red Dead Online, featuring new masks, gloves, clothing and weapon variants.

Halloween Pass 2 will be free for all players who purchased the four Quick Draw Club passes that have been available over the Summer, for everyone else, the Halloween Pass will cost 20 Gold.

Along with the clothing below, the Halloween Pass also contains cash rewards, discounts & ammo bundles.

Halloween Pass Clothing

The new clothing coming with Halloween Pass 2:

  • Gibbert Shirt
  • Boucher Coat
  • Cartilage Gloves
  • Helier Jacket
  • Killerby Gauntlets
  • Coquatrix Hat

I’m expecting to see plenty of players pairing the Gibbert Shirt, Boucher Jacket & Wooden Pig mask to create their own abominations this Halloween!

Halloween Pass Weapon Variants

The most anticipated part of Halloween Pass 2 is the new Glabella lantern.

  • Glabella Lantern
  • Pump-Action Shotgun Variant
  • Bound Shears

Halloween Pass Masks

Rockstar have added plenty of new masks with Halloween Pass 2, with the new goggled mask and wooden horror mask being fine additions.

  • Golden Creature Mask
  • Leather Slaughter Mask
  • Hag Freak Mask
  • Wooden Horror Mask
  • Skeleton Masquerade Mask
  • Wooden Swine Mask
  • Goggle Mask

Halloween Pass 2 Overview

Rockstar Guides have also shared an overview of the Halloween Pass items as they’ll appear in game.

An overview of all items coming with Halloween Pass 2, shown in game.

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