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Red Dead Online: Halloween Call to Arms, Featured Series & more!

Weekly Updates · · by Magnar

With today’s weekly update, Rockstar has brought the season of the spooky to Red Dead Online, with 4 new Call to Arms maps, Halloween Featured Series, returning Halloween masks and more!

Halloween Call to Arms Maps

There are four new Call to Arms maps, all with a Halloween twist! The Army of the dead is launching assaults across the map, be weary!

  • Armadillo
  • Bolger Clade
  • Butcher Creek
  • Shady Belle

Around the maps, you can transform into a predator and take on the Army of the dead using Ancient Tomahawks which are pretty much a one hit kill! You’ll also notice the mounts of the dead have flaming hoofs!

Weekly Bonuses

  • Double Cash, XP and Gold on Featured Halloween Series

Weekly Discounts

  • 20% off Bandit Mask
  • 30% off All Emotes
  • 30% off Norfolk Roadsters
  • 35% off Role Outfits
  • 40% off Cleaver, Hatchet, Hunter Hatchet, Hammer, Machete, Jawbone Knife, Aguila Machete, Lance Knife
  • 50% off Hair, Beards, Makeup

Halloween Pass 2

The second instalment of the Halloween Pass looks set to release on Thursday, October 28th. We cover all of the new items coming here.

Some players have also received a free voucher for Halloween Pass 2, even without purchasing the four Quick Draw Club passes, so be sure to check with the Post Office or you Lockbox to see if you’ve received a voucher too.

If you can’t wait until Thursday, then you can head to Madam Nazar now and pick up the Halloween Masks that have returned to her store!

Red Dead Online Halloween Pass
Red Dead Online Halloween Pass

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