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Red Dead Online: February Fashion Contest

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Image Credit: /u/TwinkieSnake

February Fashion Contest

We recently announced the winners of our Winter Fashion Contest, now it’s time to announce our theme for February!

The Red Dead Fashion community are at their best when they have the freedom to be super creative with their outfit choices, and our theme for February captures that spirit perfectly!

Contest Theme

We want you to recreate your favourite characters from other video games! This means no creations from any character within the Red Dead universe.

Here are a few winners from our video game contest back in 2020!

Contest Details


  • You cannot use filters to modify or add effects to your pics, however cropping is fine.
  • You can use any achievable method to create your outfit, however, you should refrain from using model/outfit editors as not all players have access to them.

You can also check out our previous contest winners if you’re looking for some outfit inspiration:

We can’t wait to see what you all come up with! You should also keep an eye on TwitterDiscord & Reddit as we’ll be sharing entries throughout the month!


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