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Red Dead Online daily challenges are changing.

News · · by Magnar

Today, Rockstar added a loading screen into Red Dead Online which shows that Daily Challenges will be changing as part of the December 1st update.

Rockstar haven’t elaborated as to why they’re changing daily challenges, however the changes are as follows:

  • Daily Challenge streaks will reset upon hitting 28 days
  • Players will be rewarded with a treasure map and bonus RDO$ when they reset

This means for all of those players with streaks that are in some cases, over 400 days, their progress will be reset and in the future, the amount of gold (Red Dead Online’s premium currency) that can be earned will be greatly reduced.

To many, it feels as if these changes, along with Red Dead Online releasing as a standalone game are a way to force consumers into purchasing premium currency microtransactions by limiting how much of said currency you can organically earn by playing normally.

Community Reaction

Naturally and understandably, the Red Dead Online community aren’t happy about these changes.

For many players, daily challenges are a good excuse to boot up the game each day and play & socialise with friends, which is something many need more than ever given the on-going global pandemic.

Other players see Daily Challenges as content they can replay daily, as it’s always something new, which is vital in a game that lacks any meaningful endgame content.

And for many players with long streaks, their hard work & progress is being reset in the blink of an eye, with there being no difference in compensation for players with a 500 day streak or a 7 day streak.

It all feels like a massive slap in the face to the most dedicated Red Dead Online players.

Not to late for Rockstar to change their mind.

As these changes are planned for December 1st, the community are hoping Rockstar will do the right thing and pull the plug on the proposed change before they go live.

However, there’s little in Red Dead Online’s short history to suggest Rockstar will actually listen to their community, as they’ve neglected to do so with many other areas of concern:

  • PC modding issues.
  • Unstable network/servers.
  • Broken free-roam events/missions.
  • Lack of private/friend-only lobbies.
  • Infrequent updates & lack of communication.
  • Bugs from beta still prevalent

We’ll keep you posted with any developments or possible updates from Rockstar about this, stay tuned @RedDeadRDC on twitter!


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