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Red Dead Online: Blood Money – Arriving July 13th

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RDO Blood Money

Rockstar today shared details of what players can expect in the upcoming Red Dead Online: Blood Money update, releasing July 13th.

In a welcome diversion from previous updates, the Blood Money update will also be the first that doesn’t require an upfront gold investment from players to play, as all new content will be accessible to all players free of charge.

Blood Money, Crimes & Opportunities

Guido Martelli, an associate of Angelo Bronte is recruiting those who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, and is willing to reward those who deliver results with more lucrative opportunities. Martelli will have players searching for a valuable known as Capitale.

Crimes are a new line of work coming with the Blood Money update and will range from coach holdups to multi-stage robberies, including kidnapping, debt collection and more. Players can complete crimes solo or form a posse, and will have opportunities to also rob homesteads and camps across the frontier.

Upon delivering enough Capitale to Martelli, players will be given Opportunities, which are schemes to take-on a Lemoyne Senator. The first Opportunity will be available July 13th with two more arriving in the future.

Introducing: The Quick Draw Club

The Quick Draw Club is a series of monthly content passes for Red Dead Online that seemingly replace the typical Outlaw Passes.

There are four confirmed Quick Draw Passes coming monthly from July through to October, each costing 25 Gold Bars. Unlike the recent Outlaw Passes, players will get their 25 Gold Bar investment back upon completion of each pass. Purchasing all four Quick Draw Passes will also grant players Halloween Pass 2 for free when that releases this October.

Each Pass has distinct cosmetics, with the first introducing the famous outfit of Dutch Van Der Linde to Red Dead Online for the first time.

Quick Draw Club Pass Dates:

  • Pass 1: July 13th to August 9th
  • Pass 2: August 10th to September 6th
  • Pass 3: September 7th to October 4th
  • Pass 4: October 5th to October 27th

New Clothing & Returning Outlaw Pass Items

Due to popular demand, many popular items from Previous Outlaw Passes will be returning to Red Dead Online as part of the Blood Money update, with unlocks such as Skill & Satchell Pamphlets along with Van Der Linde Gang outfits of Arthur Morgan, John Marston, Bill Williamson and Javier all returning to the game.

Nvidia DLSS Support

Nvidia DLSS Support will be introduced for players with RTX Graphics Cards, resulting in higher framerates & smoother images when playing.

Be sure to stay tuned at @RedDeadRDC for additional news as it’s released and join and our community Discord to chat & group up with other players.


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