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Red Dead Online: 5 amazing pieces of Harriet fanart!

Community Features · · by Magnar

Since the Naturalist update back in September of last year, Harriet Davenport has split opinions of Red Dead Online fans everywhere, with some players willing to buy a DLC to burn down her tent, and others who actually go and do just that anyway.

That said, love her or loathe her, Harriet has been popular among the artists within the Red Dead Online communities as they’ve shared their takes on Ms Davenport over the past few months.

Have you ever touched fresh animal dung? It’s better when it’s still warm.

Credit: scapeltron

scapeltron, aka @briehsu took almost 12 weeks to finish this oil canvas of Harriet and it’s honestly incredible!

An outfit to die for!

Credit: SanjaYazavacc

SanjaYazavacc is prolific in the Red Dead Online community for creating comics, and I think this piece struck a chord with all those players who favoured Gus MacMillan when the Naturalist role released!

Please don’t kill any more birds! PLEASE

Credit: TokuTokuToku

Toku who has a history of amazing RDR2 creations shared this rendition of Harriet of a disappointed looking Harriet, presumably with the feather from one of the birds she asked you not to kill!

Word travels fast in the Forest!

Credit: unfortunatevent

Drawn moments before disaster, as this line is usually the prelude to Harriet’s disgusting devil spray being used! Still, it’s an incredible drawing of a slightly unhinged looking Harriet with some less than friendly critters!

My name is Harriet, isn’t that wonderful?

Credit: konnestra

konnestra who’s a very active member of our Discord has turned Harriet into somewhat of a Disney Princess! Although, Disneyfication is probably a little too kind for Harriet.

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