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Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty Guide

If you’re looking for a guide on how to complete each Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty, then look no further! We’ll give you the backstory for each Legendary Bounty, as well as details on the easiest way to get your bounty targets captured alive!

How to unlock Legendary Bounties?

To start tracking villains across the Frontier, you’ll first need to purchase a Bounty Hunter license, available at the Bounty Board outside any sheriffs office. Purchasing the Bounty Hunter license will let you track regular bounty targets at the Bounty Board and unlock 10 Legendary Bounties to complete.

For those who reach level 20 as a Bounty Hunter, you can also upgrade to the Prestigious Bounty Hunter license, which unlocks an additional three Legendary Bounties and allows you to also hunt infamous Outlaw gangs.

Each Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty target has their own story and unlike regular enemies, the guns-blazing approach isn’t always best.

Etta Doyle: Patience Is Key

Etta Doyle is the leader of a notorious gang of females who are known for terrorising coaches & trains throughout Lemoyne. In this Legendary Bounty Mission, you are tasked with capturing her on behalf of Leviticus Cornwall who has laid a trap to finally get rid of her.

As the mission begins, you’ll be instructed by security guards at the Saint Denis trainyard to keep a low profile and to observe Etta Doyle’s gang as they enter the area. When the gang members appear, don’t rush in to capture them, as they all dress the same way as Etta Doyle making it tricky to identify which is the real target.

Capturing Etta Doyle

Keep a low profile and observe Etta’s gang. After a few minutes, you’ll notice Bounty Target icons disappearing from the minimap, and eventually, the true Etta Doyle will be revealed, when you hear her say “It’s a setup”, that’s the time to strike, as her gang will start to run away fearing an ambush, leaving Etta as the sole target on your minimap who you can then easily capture.

The Wolf Man: Run From The Wolves

The Wolf Man is wanted for a string of murders by the Governor of Ambarino. His true name unknown, The Wolf Man has been living with a pack of wolves for many years and is considered extremely dangerous.

At Lake Isabella, you’ll begin searching for The Wolf Man’s trail. It’s recommended to complete this Legendary Bounty during daytime, as your vision will be severely limited at night. As you search around the lake, wolves will begin to spawn, however, if you’re on horseback you can ignore most of them and just carry on searching, though if you do get in a fight, a Repeater is recommended. The Wolf Man can spawn in a few locations, so keep an eye out as you ride around for his camp.

Capturing The Wolf Man

Upon finding The Wolf Man’s camp, you may encounter a bear that you should kill so it doesn’t get in your way later. You can then easily chase down the target and lasso him. Be warned though, when you get him in your lasso waves of wolves will begin to spawn all around you, so it’s best to hop on your horse to get some distance and take the wolves out. When done, you can pick up The Wolf Man and turn him into the authorities.

Philip Carlier: Lookout For Smoke

Philip Carlier is wanted for embezzlement and murder, now believed to be living in the Lagras Swamps, his isolation has led to reports of him becoming mentally unstable.

During the initial cutscene, you’ll be knocked out by the fumes from a stew Philip Carlier is brewing. After waking up, you’ll have sluggish movements and you’ll notice all the animals are now huge! Unlike many other bounties, Philip will actually hunt you down. As you walk around the swamp area, you’ll hear a slight explosion sound and see smoke appear, that’s where Philip will come from. You need to shoot him before he gets to you, as one hit from his machete is enough to kill you. One shot will make him vanish before he spawns again.

Capturing Philip Carlier

After shooting Philip enough times, he’ll stop spawning and you can go search for him. Be wary of swamp folk with machetes and bows who’ll get in your way. When you find Philip, you can simply lasso him, however, it’s best to drag him inland away from the water edge before you tie him up, as alligators will come after you. When you’re at a safe distance, tie him up and take him to jail!

Cecil C. Tucker: Waves Of Enemies

Cecil C. Tucker is an arsonist and murderer, known to target women and children, wanted by the authorities. Cecil is armed and known to be allied with the Lemoyne Raiders, so approach with care.

If you’re taking on this Legendary Bounty alone, it’s best to approach Fort Brennand sneakily, using a bow & arrow to take out enemies where you can. After clearing out the fort, you should take cover in one of the towers, as waves of enemies will now begin to spawn. You’ll have to kill them all to progress, luckily, there are explosive barrels that you can use to your advantage.

Capturing Cecil C. Tucker

After clearing enough enemies, Cecil will spawn in to be captured, however, there’ll still be plenty of enemies around, so it’s best to capture him using Bolas, giving you time to take care of the remaining enemies. When you get him tied up and on your horse, Lemoyne Raiders will spawn and give chase. The game recommends you deliver him to Annesburg, however, the safest option is Saint Denis, as you won’t encounter any enemy roadblocks and it’s an easier ride.

Yukon Nik: The Bear Is Your Friend

Yukon Nik, a Russian Trapper and Hunter is wanted for the known murder of several men and is a suspect in the disappearance of a US Marshal who was sent to apprehend him. It’s believed he keeps a Grizzly Bear with him.

At Fort Riggs, Yukon Nik has set up camp and that’s where he has the Marshal held hostage. Approach the camp from the West, taking out the sentry with a bow & arrow so you can see the full camp higher ground. If you shoot the lock of the bear cage, the bear will start to attack Nik’s followers, so you can easily pick them off one at a time. When you clear the enemies, you can then approach Nik.

Capturing Yukon Nik

Yukon Nik will leave his cabin, pointing a gun to the Marshal’s head. To save the Marshal, you’ll need to enter Deadeye and shoot Nik in his shoulder area, as he’ll drop his gun, saving the Marshal and more importantly, keeping Nik alive. You can then tie Nik up and take him to the sheriff.

Barbarella Alcazar: The Bandit Queen

Barbarella Alcazar, widow of fellow murderer Ricardo Alcazar, is wanted for thievery, extortion and murder. She is known as The Bandit Queen and leads a gang of dangerous men near Tumbleweed.

At the mine in Gaptooth Ridge, Barbara has a host of gang members keeping her safe, so a stealthy approach is best, using a bow & arrow to pick off sentries at the edge of camp before taking the rest on using whatever weapons are in your arsenal.

Capturing Barbarella Alcazar

After reaching the building where Barbarella hangs out, use Bolas to keep her tied down whilst you clear out the rest of her gang. When you’re done with that, tie her up and take her to Tumbleweed. Be wary of gang members who may chase to free their leader.

Sergio Vincenza: Avoid The Snipers

Sergio Vincenza, a known terrorist, is wanted for attempted assassination and promotion of anarchy by the Governor of Lemoyne. He has a military background and keen shot, so approach with extreme caution. His last known location was Roanoke Ridge.

Located in a watchtower, the best way to deal with Sergio is to rush the tower, using a shotgun at close range to take out his men, before ascending the watchtower and tying him up. Any other approach puts you at risk of lethal sniper fire.

Capturing Sergio Vincenza

After rushing the tower, get Sergio tied up, then start picking off his goons one at a time from the watchtower. When you’ve cleared out his gang, head to Annesburg for your reward.

Tobin Winfield: The Friendly Bounty

Tobin Winfield, a corrupt politician, is wanted for larceny and misappropriation of public funds whilst serving as Mayor. He was last sighted in Thieves Landing.

When entering thieves landing, head to the camp area stew pot and you’ll encounter the target, hiding behind some crates. Unlike other Legendary Bounties, you have to protect Tobin Winfield as he takes you to recover the deeds he stole, and if he dies before you get them back, the mission will fail. Having a posse backing you up makes this mission a little easier, however, you can ride ahead of Tobin to take out his attackers.

Capturing Tobin Winfield

Upon getting to the location and recovering the stolen deeds, you’ll then be able to apprehend Tobin, though you’ll still have to fend off attackers who’ll try to ambush you as you take him to jail.

Red Ben Clempson: Follow The Damn Train

Red Ben Clempson is the leader of the notorious Red Ben Gang, wanted by the Governor of New Austin for murder and train robberies. Last sighted in New Austin, wearing his trademark tailored suits.

You’ll first talk to a contact, who warns you that Red Ben is about to rob another train new Tumbleweed. The contact will offer you more information for payment, however, it’s not worth the cost, so just move on. You’ll follow the tracks and eventually come across the train Red Ben is robbing, hop on the end carriage, use cover and take out enemies as you slowly move up the train.

Capturing Red Ben Clempson

As you approach the final carriage, you’ll spot the target with some backup, Bolas are a good way to get them all of their feet so you can get Red Ben tied up. You’ll then need to stop the train, before taking Red Ben to the sheriff in Tumbleweed.

Owlhoot Family: One At A Time

The Owlhoot Family, not related by blood, this barbaric gang is wanted for multiple murders and cruelty to animals, terrorising good-natured folk near Benedict Pass.

In this Legendary Bounty, players will need to apprehend four family members, so a Bounty Wagon or posse members backing you up is the best approach. The targets can be found at Benedict Pass, Benedict Point, Fort Mercer and Solomon’s Folly and have a ton of hired guns helping them out.

Capturing The Owlhoot Family

After locating each target and using cover to take out their gangs, you can easily tie them up to be dropped off at the jail wagon. The female Owlhoot Member is always hiding in the basement of her house, so be sure to check there first.

Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty – Prestigious Bounty Hunter License

Each of the Legendary Bounties below can only be accessed after purchasing the Prestigious Bounty Hunter License upgrade, available from every Bounty Board.

Gene Beau Finley: Crafty And Cowardly

Gene Beau Finley is wanted for bank robbery. A poser, Beau spent his inheritance hiring the best gunmen money can buy, their main job, make him look good and get his name in the papers. Beau and his gang are known to be occupying an old manor house in Bayou NWA.

As you approach the manor, it’s best to use a stealthy approach to take out the guards patrolling the area one at a time. A couple of his goons operate Maxim guns, so be sure to pick them off from a safe distance. When the outside of the manor is clear, it’s time to head inside.

Capturing Gene Beau Finley

When you enter the manor, there’ll be a few enemies inside, a close-range weapon is best, just be careful not to shoot any explosive crates that could harm you or Beau. When you clear the manor and head upstairs, Beau will be cowering in a corner and won’t fight back, you can easily tie him and take him back to Rhodes.

Carmela Montez: Take Her Down Fast

Carmela “La Muñeca” Montez, related to Del Lobo Gang members and believed to be their current boss. She is responsible for a spate of highway robberies and most often travels in an armored war wagon. She was last seen heading East from New Austin.

Located at Hanging Dog Ranch, Carmela has a ton of gang members backing her up and an armored wagon. The best approach is heading to the back of the ranch, stealthily taking out the guards at the back of the barn before heading inside.

Capturing Carmela Montez

Carmela can be found near the front of the barn, standing next to the war wagon. If you manage to sneak in the barn, you can take out the enemies inside and get her lassoed before she has a chance to react, giving you the chance to use her armored wagon to take out her gang. If she manages to get into the wagon, a well-placed fire bottle will make her leave anytime you want.

Virgil ‘The Shepherd’ Edwards: Explode The Armor

Virgil ‘The Shepherd’ Edwards, leader of the sacrilegious cult of the 7th generation, wanted in connection with a series of murders. This mad man preaches of his mercy and sin cleansing, which authorities believe will be a mass killing. Approach with care, his inner circle have inverted sevens branded on their foreheads and he will be heavily armored.

You’ll begin by searching for information on The Shepherds whereabouts, clear camps of his followers until you find the letter revealing his location. This Legendary Bounty has two variants, one atop a mountain near a cabin, and another deep in a cave. In either one, you should bring explosive ammo, as The Shepherd is heavily armored.

Capturing Vigil “The Shepherd” Edwards

When you confront The Shepherd, keep a little distance or cover between you, and use any explosive rounds you have to wear down his armor. When his armor is finally destroyed, you can bring him down with Bolas or a Lasso and turn him over to the law.

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