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Red Dead Halloween Pass

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The Halloween Pass will be the fourth seasonal pass added to Red Dead Online. It contains 20 levels each having their own reward, along with some free rewards for all players.

Update Nov 13th: Rockstar have announced that the Halloween Pass has been extended and will now be available until November 30th.

Red Dead Halloween Pass Cost & Duration

The Red Dead Online Halloween Pass will cost 15 Gold bars and will be available until November 30th!

Halloween Pass Weapons

Red Dead Online Halloween Pass Rewards

LevelFree RewardHalloween Pass Reward
1Hand Wraps
2Noir Camera FilterHardy Tonic
3Wood Cabin Photo Backdrop
4Scared Emote & $100 RDO Cash
5Sedative Rifle AmmoAce of Spaced Camp Flag
640% Naturalist Item Discount
7Wheat Field Photo Backdrop
8$50 RDO CashPost-Apocalyptic Camera Filter
9Frighten Emote
10Flayed Bison Mask & 5 Blending Tonics
11Elephant Rifle AmmoAbandoned House Photo Backdrop
12Rolling Block – Reaper Variant
1340% Naturalist Item Discount
14Phantom Buck MaskSpooky Emote
15Skull & Daggers Camp Flag
16Predator Camera Filter
17Gallows Blindfold
18Cemetery Photo Backdrop
19The Ripper Emote & Painted Ram Mask
2030% Weapon DiscountGothic Moonshine Theme & Zavaala Machete
Thanks to RDO Compendium for the details!

Halloween Pass Clothing & Emotes

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