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Red Dead fans are sharing #SaveRedDeadOnline, as lack of updates leaves players frustrated

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Save Red Dead Online

Once again fans are left frustrated by Rockstar Games lack of communication and support for their popular 2018 title, Red Dead Online.

As reported in November, there was an expectation and almost an acceptance within the Rockstar community that the Winter updates for GTA Online & Red Dead Online would be delayed as resources were allocated to support the struggling GTA Trilogy. So when Rockstar announced the next GTA Online update coming in December, would be one of the largest updates yet, featuring Dr. Dre, new properties, cars & more, in GTA Online: The Contract, fans of Red Dead Online were naturally concerned.

A few days later on what was typically the day Red Dead Online received updates, Rockstar announced that the weekly bonuses would instead last for a full month, ending on January 5th, this lead to speculation from fans & insiders that an update could be coming in January and perhaps it was just delayed due to the GTA Trilogy launch. Yet on Thursday, Rockstar announced another month of bonuses with no hints or signs of an update coming in the near future.

The lack of communication and updates to the game lead to fans and influencers within the Red Dead Online community airing their frustrations on Twitter, in what has felt like something a long time coming. The Blood Money update released last July received a mixed reaction from fans, as the content was mostly a reskin of content that already existed in the game, meaning the Winter update was something fans were hoping would right the ship.

With no update on the horizon, Ben aka VideoTech shared his thoughts on Twitter and encouraged others in the Red Dead Online community to get involved using the #SaveRedDeadOnline hashtag. Over the following 24 hours thousands did, airing their frustrations, favourite memories with the game and more. It’s clear that Red Dead Online still has a dedicated following who only want the best for the game.

Rockstar haven’t responded to fans or other publications yet and that’s not expected to change, however, if there is a response or any further developments, we’ll keep you updated here and over at @RedDeadRDC on Twitter. In the meantime, you can see more from the Red Dead Online community below.


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