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Weekly Content Update – August 4th

Weekly Updates

After the release of the Naturalist Role last week, Rockstar has now released more content into Red Dead Online. New Legendary Animals Rockstar has unlocked 2 more Legendary animals for Red Dead Online: Teca Gator Sun Gator New Clothing & Items Below are the new clothing & other items added this week, shared by Rockstar. […]

Animal Field Guide List


Red Dead Online Animal Field Guide. As part of the naturalist role in Red Dead, there is now an Animal Field Guide that needs to be completed which can earn the player a decent amount of cash along with a hefty XP bonus for each completed Category. We explain in detail what Categories are and […]

New Naturalist Role XP Guide


A quick guide to earning XP in the Naturalist Role. The Naturalist Role in Red Dead Online is one of the most confusing, in this guide we’ll hopefully clear up any confusion and show ways that you can easily earn XP & level up quickly. Starting out as a level 1-5 naturalist playing “solo”. As […]

Red Dead Online: The Naturalist now available!


The latest update to Red Dead Online, The Naturalist is available now on all platforms! The latest update includes a new role, a new Outlaw Pass, an updated advanced camera and much more! The Naturalist Role The Naturalist Role introduced you to Harriet Davenport, an accomplished conservationist looking to protect wildlife and learn all there […]

Guide to Sedating Animals & How to Take Samples


A lot of players are confused with the new Red Dead Naturalist role, specifically about how they can sedate animals and take samples from them. To level up the Naturalist Role, players are required to provide Harriet with samples of all the animals found across the frontier, however, Harriet also expects the animals to remain […]

Red Dead Online update coming July 28th!


Rockstar Games have today announced that the next expansion to Red Dead Online will be arriving on July 28th! What will the new Red Dead Online update contain? So far Rockstar have been quite close lipped, however they have revealed that there will be at least one new role, a new Outlaw Pass along with […]
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