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Red Dead Collector – Online Role


Red Dead Online Frontier Pursuits In September 2019, Rockstar announced their first major expansion to the Red Dead Online with Frontier Pursuits which included the Red Dead Collector Role. A series of unique roles that allowed players to shape their own paths on the Frontier, be it collecting rare items, setting up a trade business […]

$10 Credit Available on the Rockstar Games Launcher

News - Red Dead Redemption

From now until June 2nd, you can get Red Dead Gold Bars cheap as Rockstar are offering a $10 discount / credit for purchases on the Rockstar Games Launcher. This can be for games, Shark Cards or Gold Bars for Red Dead Online. The lowest denomination of Gold Bars is 25 for $9.99/£8.99. So you […]

Trader Unlocks – Red Dead Online


The Red Dead Online Trader Role is available for 15 Gold Bars from Cripp’s at your camp, here we list all of the Trader Unlocks. As you progress through the Trader Role ranks, complete missions, deliveries & objects you will earn XP which will level you up & earn Role Tokens. Most items can be […]

Moonshiner Bonuses, Discounts, Limited Time clothing & more!

Weekly Updates

Weekly Bonuses This week, Rockstar are offering Moonshiners & Collectors hefty bonuses to help players rake in extra cash! Moonshine Sales will earn you an extra 30%, so now is a great time to start your bootlegging business if you haven’t already! Collectors should take special note, as Arrowhead Collectibles and Bird Eggs will each […]

Moonshiner Unlocks – Red Dead Online


The Red Dead Online Moonshiner Role is available when you hit level 5 as a Trader, here we list all of the Moonshiner Unlocks. As you progress through the Moonshiner role, complete missions, stories & objectives, you will begin to earn Role Tokens which allow you to unlock a variety of items. Most items can […]

Bonus Cash, Gold & XP on Showdown Modes and Races.

Weekly Updates

Bonus Cash, Gold & XP on Showdown Modes and Races. This week in Red Dead Online, players who participate in any Showdown Modes or Races will receive 25% more Cash & Gold as well as a 100% XP boost! Discounts & Returning Items Wheeler, Rawson & Co. have some returning items available to purchase, they […]
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