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Red Dead Online Update: Tarot Card Set Bonuses & returning clothing items.

Weekly Updates

Weekly Bonuses In this week’s Red Dead Online Update, Collectors who find Tarot Cards and turn a full collection into Madam Nazar will receive a 50% cash bonus! Additionally, Persistent Posse’s can still be created for free up until June 8th, so team up and cause some chaos with your friends. Returning Clothing A few […]

Madam Nazar Location


In Red Dead Online, players who have went down the Collector role path often find themselves looking for Madam Nazar location. Every 24 hours at 6am UK time, Madam Nazar moves to a different location on the map and can be quite tricky to find. This is where comes in super handy! As Madam […]

Collector Bonuses, Returning clothing & more!

Weekly Updates

Weekly Bonuses This week in Red Dead Online, Rockstar are offering explorers who manage to complete the American Wildflowers Collection a 50% bonus when deposited to Madam Nazar! Discounts Metal Detector 40% off Field Shovel 40% off Binoculars 40% off Camp Dog / Horse under rank 40 is 40% off Free persistent posse creation Returning […]

Moonshine Shack Locations


Players often ask, what is the best Moonshine Shack Location? In this guide, we will share all Moonshine Shack Locations in Red Dead Online, along with other handy tips for the Moonshiner role! The Moonshiners Frontier Pursuit was added to Red Dead Online in December 2019 and with it brought a host of new tools, […]

Collector Guide – Red Dead Online


In Red Dead Online, the Collector Role is one of the easiest ways to earn money & XP for the Outlaw Passes when available, and to level up in general. In our Collector Guide, we’ll give you all the details you need to know. A Guide to earning Money with the Collector Role The collector […]

Collector Unlocks – Red Dead Online


The Red Dead Online Collector Role can be access by purchasing the Collector Bag from Madam Nazar for 15 gold bars. You can find Madam Nazar using As you find collectibles and turn complete collections into Madam Nazar, you will advance through the ranks and earn Role Tokens to unlock unique tools & items. […]
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