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Red Dead Online Update: Daily Challenge Rewards & More.

Weekly Updates

The Red Dead Online Update for June 16th brings in rewards for completing daily challenges, collector, camp & weapon discounts and more. Weekly Discounts 50% off tier 3 ability cards 40% off camp tents, themes, dogs, flags & fast travel posts. 35% off all pistols 30% off all Madam Nazar items Collector bag now only […]

Red Dead Online Update: Small Patch, Horse Discounts & More.

Weekly Updates

The Red Dead Online Update for June 9th features a small patch with bonuses on horse races, discounts on the Arabian horse & 40% off saddles. Weekly Discounts This week, the Arabian is discounted: Black Arabian is 29 gold bars from 42 White Araiban is $595 from $850 Red Chestnut is $175 from $250 Additionally, […]

Rockstar Games to temporarily shutdown servers for Red Dead Online & GTA Online in support of Black Lives Matter.

News - Red Dead Redemption

Earlier today, Rockstar Games announced on twitter that they will shutdown the servers for Red Dead Online & GTA Online temporarily in support of Black Lives Matter and to honour George Floyd. Servers will be shutting down between 2pm ET (7pm BST) & 4pm ET (9pm BST). Rockstar went on to share a link to […]

Red Dead Fashion Contest

Community Events

Throughout June, there is going to be a Red Dead Fashion Contest hosted by /r/RedDeadFashion and the Red Dead Online Discord focused on the area of Saint Denis. /r/RedDeadFashion is the largest community around that is solely dedicated to Fashion & Outfits for Red Dead Redemption 2, with over 80,000 members. The community has hosted […]

Red Dead Online Update: Tarot Card Set Bonuses & returning clothing items.

Weekly Updates

Weekly Bonuses In this week’s Red Dead Online Update, Collectors who find Tarot Cards and turn a full collection into Madam Nazar will receive a 50% cash bonus! Additionally, Persistent Posse’s can still be created for free up until June 8th, so team up and cause some chaos with your friends. Returning Clothing A few […]

Madam Nazar Location


In Red Dead Online, players who have went down the Collector role path often find themselves looking for Madam Nazar location. Every 24 hours at 6am UK time, Madam Nazar moves to a different location on the map and can be quite tricky to find. This is where comes in super handy! As Madam […]
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