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A Land of Opportunity Bonuses & Free Barber Services.

Weekly Updates

Weekly Bonuses This week in Red Dead Online, players will receive triple XP for assisting Jessica LeClerk and completing A Land Of Opportunities Missions. Additionally, all Freeroam Missions are also rewarding players with Triple XP. Weekly Discounts 50% off fast travel 50% off ability cards 40% off coats, shirts, boots & hats Free hair, makeup […]

Triple Rewards on Showdown Modes, Role Bonuses & more.

Weekly Updates

This week in Red Dead Online, Rockstar are offering players triple rewards on Showdown Modes, discounts on weapons, and freebies for Traders & Moonshiners Weekly Bonuses This week Traders & Moonshiners can take advantage of free resupplies for both roles, additionally, the Butcher Table is discounted by 5 Gold Bars for those who haven’t yet […]

Red Dead Online Update: Daily Challenge Rewards & More.

Weekly Updates

The Red Dead Online Update for June 16th brings in rewards for completing daily challenges, collector, camp & weapon discounts and more. Weekly Discounts 50% off tier 3 ability cards 40% off camp tents, themes, dogs, flags & fast travel posts. 35% off all pistols 30% off all Madam Nazar items Collector bag now only […]

Red Dead Online Update: Small Patch, Horse Discounts & More.

Weekly Updates

The Red Dead Online Update for June 9th features a small patch with bonuses on horse races, discounts on the Arabian horse & 40% off saddles. Weekly Discounts This week, the Arabian is discounted: Black Arabian is 29 gold bars from 42 White Araiban is $595 from $850 Red Chestnut is $175 from $250 Additionally, […]

Rockstar Games to temporarily shutdown servers for Red Dead Online & GTA Online in support of Black Lives Matter.

News - Red Dead Redemption

Earlier today, Rockstar Games announced on twitter that they will shutdown the servers for Red Dead Online & GTA Online temporarily in support of Black Lives Matter and to honour George Floyd. Servers will be shutting down between 2pm ET (7pm BST) & 4pm ET (9pm BST). Rockstar went on to share a link to […]

Red Dead Fashion Contest

Community Events

Throughout June, there is going to be a Red Dead Fashion Contest hosted by /r/RedDeadFashion and the Red Dead Online Discord focused on the area of Saint Denis. /r/RedDeadFashion is the largest community around that is solely dedicated to Fashion & Outfits for Red Dead Redemption 2, with over 80,000 members. The community has hosted […]
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