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Guide to Sedating Animals & How to Take Samples


A lot of players are confused with the new Red Dead Naturalist role, specifically about how they can sedate animals and take samples from them. To level up the Naturalist Role, players are required to provide Harriet with samples of all the animals found across the frontier, however, Harriet also expects the animals to remain […]

Red Dead Online update coming July 28th!

News - Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar Games have today announced that the next expansion to Red Dead Online will be arriving on July 28th! What will the new Red Dead Online update contain? So far Rockstar have been quite close lipped, however they have revealed that there will be at least one new role, a new Outlaw Pass along with […]

Outlaw Pass 3 – Available Now!


At long last Outlaw Pass 3 is now available as part of the recently released Naturalist update. How much will Outlaw Pass 3 cost? The Outlaw Pass costs 40 gold and can be unlocked via Wheeler, Rawson & Co. or by going into the Benefits menu. The new Outlaw Pass is available until October 19th. […]

Saint Denis Fashion Contest Winners!

Community Events

In June, we announced the first of our cross community Red Dead fashion contests that would be taking place across Reddit and Discord. We received hundreds of entries and the winners were decided earlier in the month. Our winners can be found below! Reddit Winners: Discord Winners July Fashion contest Our July fashion contest has […]

A Land of Opportunity Bonuses & Free Barber Services.

Weekly Updates

Weekly Bonuses This week in Red Dead Online, players will receive triple XP for assisting Jessica LeClerk and completing A Land Of Opportunities Missions. Additionally, all Freeroam Missions are also rewarding players with Triple XP. Weekly Discounts 50% off fast travel 50% off ability cards 40% off coats, shirts, boots & hats Free hair, makeup […]

Triple Rewards on Showdown Modes, Role Bonuses & more.

Weekly Updates

This week in Red Dead Online, Rockstar are offering players triple rewards on Showdown Modes, discounts on weapons, and freebies for Traders & Moonshiners Weekly Bonuses This week Traders & Moonshiners can take advantage of free resupplies for both roles, additionally, the Butcher Table is discounted by 5 Gold Bars for those who haven’t yet […]
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