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Red Dead Halloween Pass


The Red Dead Online Halloween Pass introduces new clothing, new emotes, a gothic Moonshine Bar theme and more. Here are all the details…

October Red Dead Fashion Contest

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Recently we announced the winners of our Naturalist Fashion Contest and now it’s time for our next event, focusing on all things spooky and supernatural with our Halloween Fashion Contest! The Halloween Pass is now available in Red Dead Online, giving players more spooky emotes & clothing to utilise in our contest. Members have until […]

Naturalist Fashion Contest Winners

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With the Naturalist update releasing in July, we felt that the only suitable theme for August’s fashion contest would be the Naturalist role. The contest was again really successful, with hundreds of submissions across Reddit & Discord. Reddit Winners Discord Winners Next Fashion Contest? We aren’t hosting a contest in September, however, with Halloween fast […]

Travelling Circus Fashion Contest Winners

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In July, we hosted our second Fashion Contest, the theme was “The Travelling Circus”, mocking players & Rockstar alike for the lack of updates & communication we had from Rockstar over the first half of the year. Our antics got the attention of Polygon, PCGamer & many more as word spread and thousands of players […]

Weekly Content Update – August 4th

Weekly Updates

After the release of the Naturalist Role last week, Rockstar has now released more content into Red Dead Online. New Legendary Animals Rockstar has unlocked 2 more Legendary animals for Red Dead Online: Teca Gator Sun Gator New Clothing & Items Below are the new clothing & other items added this week, shared by Rockstar. […]

Animal Field Guide List


Red Dead Online Animal Field Guide. As part of the naturalist role in Red Dead, there is now an Animal Field Guide that needs to be completed which can earn the player a decent amount of cash along with a hefty XP bonus for each completed Category. We explain in detail what Categories are and […]
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