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October Red Dead Fashion Contest

Community Events · · by Magnar

Recently we announced the winners of our Naturalist Fashion Contest and now it’s time for our next event, focusing on all things spooky and supernatural with our Halloween Fashion Contest!

The Halloween Pass is now available in Red Dead Online, giving players more spooky emotes & clothing to utilise in our contest. Members have until October 31st to submit their entries on Reddit or Discord!

Contest Details:

This October, we’re anticipating a lot from Rockstar with their Halloween Pass, so why not dress up and get in the spirit of Halloween early!

You can use any clothing items, just stick to the theme, get creative and come up with something spooky or scary!

Entries will be open until October 31st and winners will be announced early in November.

Keep an eye on our twitter feed @RedDeadRDC as we’ll be sharing many entries throughout the month!

Killer Scarecrow! – Source


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