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New “Solo Player” Employment Opportunities coming to Red Dead Online this year

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Keeping with their yearly tradition, Rockstar today shared an update with players about the success of Red Dead Online & GTA Online in 2020.

Red Dead Online had more players in December than at any point since the Red Dead Online beta launched back in November 2018. Similarly, RDR2 along with GTAV broke records for video views on YouTube!

As a thank you, players who venture out into the Frontier before February 12th will receive a bundle of Special Gifts.

New Employment Opportunities

Rockstar also shared a teaser about what’s to come in Red Dead Online, saying that players should keep an eye out for more news about future “employment opportunities” for Solo Players, which is an interesting change from previous updates that have encouraged group/posse activities.

Pencil drawing of Don Quixote

Stay tuned for more news on exciting future updates to both games coming this year, including new employment opportunities for solo players in Red Dead Online

Rockstar Games

Rockstar closed by sharing players should also expect more rewards & offers for Red Dead Online in the near future.

What type of expansion would you like to see as a solo player? Let us know over at @RedDeadRDC


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