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Love is in the air with today’s Red Dead Online Daily Challenges!

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Credit: Rockstar Guides

Love is in the air in Red Dead Online

Rockstar Games have been known to discreetly celebrate holidays in their games for a long time now, and Red Dead Online is no different. For Valentine’s day 2021, Rockstar have set out a series of Daily Challenges all with the day in mind.

It’s traditional to give out candies/chocolate on Valentine’s day, so your first challenge is to eat 5 candies which can be found in the catalogue. You’ll next be asked not to reach high hostility for 24 in-game hours, which isn’t too much to ask on a day of lovers! Then, take on the role of Cupid by getting 3 kills with your bow in Freeroam, as well as 3 bow kills in Showdowns. Finally, you can end the day by visiting Valentine, having a few drinks in the saloon until your drunk and using an emote on a fellow player.

Valentine’s Day Challenges

Credit: ScarletStreak

Let us know if you complete all the Valentine challenges in Red Dead Online today or if you take any special pics to celebrate over at @RedDeadRDC


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