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Travelling Circus Fashion Contest Winners

Community Events · · by Magnar

In July, we hosted our second Fashion Contest, the theme was “The Travelling Circus”, mocking players & Rockstar alike for the lack of updates & communication we had from Rockstar over the first half of the year.

Our antics got the attention of Polygon, PCGamer & many more as word spread and thousands of players got involved.

Discord Winners

We had hundreds of entries on Discord from players on PC, PS4 & Xbox One, you can see our winners below:

Reddit Winners

We had a ton of entries on the /r/RedDeadFashion subreddit too, the winners were:

August Fashion Contest

On July 28th, the Naturalist update released for Red Dead Online, so it felt fitting that the next contest be based on that!

Our only guidance to players has been to dress as somebody you’d expect to find working for Harriet or Gus.

Players have until August 20th to enter!

You can keep up to date with our contests & more by following us @RedDeadRDC and joining our Discord.


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