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How Treasure Maps Work in Red Dead Online

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Treasure is hidden all over the Frontier in Red Dead Redemption 2, and it’s no different in Red Dead Online. Treasure can be found buried in homestead gardens, tucked away in ruins and even stashed behind waterfalls.

The way treasure works is a little different in Red Dead Online compared to story mode. Here, we’ll explain everything you need to know, from where treasure spawns to how you can find more treasure maps.

How to get Treasure Maps in Red Dead Online?

Surprisingly, treasure maps are quite common in Red Dead Online and there are many ways to acquire them, from levelling up to looting them off corpses.

Levelling Up

Rockstar will reward you with a treasure map when you level up 5 times, so keep an eye on your camp lockbox or the post office as they’re easy to miss.

Gang Hideouts & Looting Corpses

Gang hideouts are usually a nuisance, yet there’s a good chance you’ll find a treasure map among the unsavoury folk you’ll encounter in them. After clearing the hideout of enemies, you should loot all the corpses and open any small lockboxes you find. Doing so may reward you with a new treasure map.

Outlaw Passes & Quick Draw Club Passes

Treasure Maps are often rewards as part of the content passes in Red Dead Online. You can find and unlock rewards on the Benefits page via the main start menu.

Stuck to Trees

As you venture out, you may encounter an oddly illuminated tree. Although we never find out who put it there, you’ll find a treasure map stuck to the tree with a knife. You can simply take the map and go searching for the treasure yourself.

Treasure Hunters

When travelling across the frontier, you may encounter NPCs who are also hunting for treasure. If you’re the honourable kind of player, you can buy the treasure map for a few dollars. If not, you can choose to take the treasure map at gunpoint.

Note: If you have treasure maps for every location, make sure to use them, as you can’t have more than one treasure map for the same place.

How to Find Treasure in Red Dead Online?

How to find Treasure in Red Dead Online

After you’ve got yourself a map, open your satchel, head to the documents tab and open the treasure map up. You’ll then see an area on the map where the treasure chest has spawned along with an icon on your minimap.

After heading to the marked area, you’ll feel your controller vibrate if the treasure is nearby (not available with keyboard & mouse), you can then active Eagle Eye to spot exactly where the treasure is. When in Eagle Eye, you’ll see yellow smoke rising from the treasure chest making it hard to miss.

Although treasure can spawn in locations across all of the map, you don’t need to go searching aimlessly, as we have a comprehensive guide of all possible treasure spawn locations.

What rewards are in Treasure Chests?

Treasure Chests usually contain between 0.5-2 Gold Bars, $100-$200 and even pieces of jewellery. Making treasure hunting a great way to quickly accumulate wealth across both main currencies.

If you’re new to the Frontier and need some help, we’ve got a ton of Red Dead Online Guides. You can also follow us over at @RedDeadRDC where we’ll share the latest news, updates and more tips!


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