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How to Dual Wield in Red Dead Online

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Red Dead Online Update May 19th

After playing Red Dead Redemption 2 and taking out bad guys with iron in each hand, it’s only natural for players to want to dual wield guns in Red Dead Online.

In story mode, it’s easy, just get another weapon and you’re pretty much good to go! However, dual wielding weapons is a little more complicated in Red Dead Online as it’s not something you can do right away, however, we’ve got you covered and will have you well on your way to mowing down villains with both hands.

How to Dual Wield in Red Dead Online

To dual wield in Red Dead Online, you first need to rank up to level 25 and you’ll then be able to unlock an item called the Off Hand Holster. If you don’t want to wait, you until level 25, you can unlock the Off Hand Holster earlier by spending 2 Gold Bars.

After reaching level 25, you can use your catalogue or head to the the local gunsmith to purchase your first Off Hand Holster. To begin with, only the Horsemanship Holster is available, however, at $8.50 (1 Gold Bar) it’s cheap enough for even the most frugal player to buy. The Off Hand Holster should equip right away, allowing you to purchase a second revolver so you can finally dual wield.

If the Off Hand Holster doesn’t show up on your character or in your weapon wheel, it’s really easy to equip. Head to your camp wardrobe or to a clothing store, when in the wardrobe menu, scroll down to Weapon Equipment, then select Off-Hands and choose which Holster you want to equip.

If you already own a second side-arm and it’s not showing in your weapon wheel, head to your Weapon Locker, scroll to your desired weapons and select one as your main side-arm and another as your off hand sidearm.

That’s pretty much all there is to it, be sure to check out our other Red Dead Online Guides and follow us at @RedDeadRDC for the latest news, updates and more tips!


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