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How to Change Appearance in Red Dead Online

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If your gunslinger is looking a bit rough around the edges, here is how you can change your character appearance in Red Dead Online.

The good news is, when changing your characters appearance, you no longer have to reset your character and you don’t even need to use Gold Bars. However, you’re unable to change your characters gender, so you’ll have to stick to whatever you picked when you started. Outside of gender, everything else about your character can be modified.

Change Appearance in Red Dead Online

First access the Online Menu, by pressing left on the d-pad or L on keyboard. From there, scroll down to Online Options then scroll down to Appearance.

There are a ton of ways to give your character a fresh look, from skin tone, build, age, facial features and more. There are also more cosmetic options such as blemishes, complexion and scars which can all add to a characters backstory.

The character editor also has a barbershop, so you can change your hairstyle and facial hair, saving you a trip to the salon when you head back into free roam. Female characters even have the option to apply makeup if you find something suitable.

Guide to Change Appearance in Red Dead Online

How much does it cost to change appearance?

If it’s your first time, it’s completely free to change your appearance in Red Dead Online.

For fussier players who can’t quite stick to a look they like, it will cost $400 or 10 Gold Bars each time you want to change your characters appearance.

It’s also worthwhile checking the rewards page for free appearance change tokens, as Rockstar have given them out in the past as part of promotions and content passes.

If you’re new to the Frontier and need some help, we’ve got a ton of Red Dead Online Guides. You can also follow us at @RedDeadRDC for the latest news, updates and more tips!


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