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GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition coming November 11th

News - GTA · · by Magnar

Rockstar Games have finally announced that GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition will be launching on November 11th, and they’ve also given us a first look at the visuals, gameplay and shared what changes will be coming with the remastered versions.

Claude, Tommy & CJ all get an updated look.

Updated Visuals

Rockstar also shared a comparison trailer, showing a before & after of the overhaul for all three games, and the differences are vast!

The visual overhaul is significant, with changes to the following:

  • Higher resolution textures for weapons, characters, vehicles, roads & more
  • Rebuilt lighting system with enhanced shadows, reflections & more
  • Improved water and weather effects
  • Enhanced detail in trees and foliage
  • Increased draw distance

Rockstar have also announced that 4K resolution support with up to 60 FPS performance is launching on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, with NVIDIA DLSS support for PC.

Gameplay Changes

Rockstar have revealed that along with the updated visuals, gameplay mechanics have been given an overhaul too, with quality of life changes bringing a new lease of life to the original trio.

  • GTAV style controller layout
  • Improved gunplay and targeting controls
  • Upgraded drive-by controls in GTA: San Andreas
  • Updated mini-maps and way points
  • Updated weapon & radio station wheels
Updated lighting & weapon effects

No doubt Rockstar will share more details in the coming days, we’ll be sure to keep you updated here and at @GTAOnlineRDC!


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