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Earning Gold Fast with Red Dead Online Daily Challenges

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Earn Gold with Daily Challenges in Red Dead Online

Daily Challenges were at one point the best way to earn gold in Red Dead Online, that was until Rockstar nerfed the amount of gold rewarded from daily challenges and how long daily challenge streaks could be. Even in their nerfed state, daily challenges are a reliable way to earn a few gold bars every day, as most challenges can be completed as you play other activities.

How do Daily Challenges work in Red Dead Online?

You earn 0.10 Gold Bars for every daily challenge completed and there are seven base challenges available every day. After completing all seven daily challenges, you’ll earn 0.70 Gold Bars receive an additional 0.30 Gold Bars bonus. In total, this means you can earn up to one Gold Bar per day just by completing normal daily challenges.

If you’ve unlocked roles such as Moonshiner or Trader, you can also complete an additional three daily challenges per role. In total, there are 15 role specific daily challenges available, however you are limited to only completing 9 of the 15 role challenges available, netting you up to 0.90 Gold Bars with a bonus 0.30 Gold Bars for completing all 9.

In total, you can earn 2.2 Gold Bars per day for completing all daily challenges in Red Dead Online. Over a week, this adds up to 15.4 Gold Bars. If you play Red Dead Online daily and have a daily challenge streak, you can earn even more gold.

What are Daily Challenge streaks?

On the daily challenge menu, you’ll notice there is a tab for Streaks. The daily challenge streak counts how many days in a row you’ve completed at least one daily challenge.

After completing at least one daily challenge per day for seven days, you will receive a 1.5x multiplier on the gold earned. This means that the 2.2 Gold Bars you could earn in a single day before, now becomes 3.3 Gold Bars per day, or just over 23 Gold Bars per week.

On day 14, you will receive a 2x gold multiplier and on day 21, it increases to a 2.5x multiplier which is over 5 Gold Bars per day and almost 40 Gold Bars per week.

How much gold do Daily Challenges earn?

Below is a clear breakdown of how much you can earn per challenge, per day and across a week if you have a daily challenge streak active.

Days 0-6Days 7-13Days 14-20Days 21-28
Gold Per Challenge0.
Gold Per Day (without Role Challenges)11.522.5
Gold Per Day (with Role Challenges)
Gold Per Week15.423.130.838.5

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