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Bully 2 is real and ready to be shown according to Insider

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Rumours have been floating around about Bully 2 for years now and now it looks like the flames have been fanned once again, with reliable gaming insider Tom Henderson suggesting Bully 2 was due to be revealed at The Game Awards 2021.

Fans of the iconic series have been begging Rockstar Games for Bully 2 since its launch, almost 15 years ago, so this news may come as a surprise and as an answered prayer to many, especially after the game was reportedly cancelled back in 2017 as the focus was shifted to Red Dead Redemption 2 and inevitably GTA 6. Yet claims from Tom Henderson suggest not only is Bully 2 still happening, but fans may get a long-awaited first look sooner than they think.

Tom took to Twitter earlier today, stating that Bully 2 was due to be a surprise reveal at The Game Awards and material has already been given to people, alluding to a reveal in the near future.

Notably, a few hours before Tom’s Tweets, Senior Gaming News Editor for GameInformer, Blake Hester, took to Twitter to say that a “New story” was coming soon and included a picture of Bullworth Academy’s crest, the fictional boarding school attended by Bully protagonist Jimmy Hopkins. Blake followed up stating “Like, in a week or two, idk”, possibly alluding to the aforementioned news, however, Blake has since made his account private and has offered no further comment or clarification.

Whilst excitement has taken a hold of the Bully community, some fans remain sceptical of the news, as although Tom Henderson has reliably reported on titles from Battlefield to Call of Duty, he hasn’t got the best track record so far with Rockstar Games titles. Yet for fans of Bully, this is some of the most promising news in years, however, as with all rumours and leaks, it’s recommended to take them with a massive grain of salt.

We’ll update you as this story develops.


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