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Weekly Updates · · by Magnar

Weekly Bonuses

This week in Red Dead Online, players will receive triple XP for assisting Jessica LeClerk and completing A Land Of Opportunities Missions.

Additionally, all Freeroam Missions are also rewarding players with Triple XP.

Weekly Discounts

  • 50% off fast travel
  • 50% off ability cards
  • 40% off coats, shirts, boots & hats
  • Free hair, makeup & dentistry

Twitch Prime

Players who link their Social Club account to their Twitch Prime account will receive a whopping $1,000 as well as other freebies:

  • Offer for 5 Gold Bars off the Butcher Table
  • Rewards for 6,000 Trader XP
  • Offer for 40% off a Horse
  • Offer for 40% off a Stable Slot
  • Offer for 40% off a Shotgun
  • 50 Incendiary Buckshot Slugs

Update Overview

Every week, our friend DirtyTyler gives players a run down of the weekly bonuses, discounts & more:


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